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Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport 0

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                                                  Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

Designed for active lifestyles, the Galaxy S® 5 Sport works with the elements as well as you do. The IP67 Certification and full-sealed design means it’s protected from dust and moisture***, while the Side Grip Enhancements give you a reinforced and stylish hold. And you’ll feel in control with the defined hard keys that make it easy to operate when you're on the go.

Work on Fitness†, Anywhere
The integrated S Health™ partner† makes it fun and accessible to work on your fitness goals. Track your steps, map your run, refuel with on-demand nutrition info—even check your pulse with the built-in heart rate sensor that responds to your touch. And for those who choose the great outdoors for exercising, Activity Zone launches features like a compass and stopwatch to make every movement outside matter†.

Immersive 5.1" HD Display
Everything we know about HDTV is packed inside the large 5.1" Full HD Super AMOLED® display. Enjoy richer colors, see darker shadows and get faster response times. So whether you’re watching the playoffs, reading stats or playing games, you’ll experience it all in full HD 1080p clarity.

Fast Action 16MP Camera with Pro Editing Tools
Get more details out of every picture. With faster Auto Focus and real-time HDR, you’ll get high quality photos, whether you’re courtside or on the trail. And with the simplified user interface, you’ll get all the shooting modes displayed in an effortless, intuitive way.

Essentials for Website Optimization SEO 0

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                                    Essentials for Website Optimization SEO

Whether you are marketing a product online through a website or simply want more people to read your blogs, you might want to employ SEO or search engine optimization. SEO makes your website more visible to Internet users who browse through search engines. Imagine that a potential client or visitor comes across your webpage immediately after typing a word or phrase on a web browser. Search engine optimization can help make this possible.


Keywords define the effectiveness of search engine optimization. When performing an SEO task, think about the words that a person will type to look for a service, a product, or even a topic for discussion.

One way to improve your grasp of keywords is to be more specific with using them. Rather than focus on a general term such as 'mobile apps,' you may describe it in more detail, such as 'budget organizing mobile apps' or 'adventure gaming mobile apps.' In some instances, you may use interrogative statements like "how to get web support services?" as keywords. Look into current trends and market demands to find out the best keywords to use.
Be sure to avoid overusing keywords as this strategy often backfires. Settle on three to five keywords per one page of website content.

                                                      Website Content

Even with the right use of keywords, performing SEO on a website has limited effect if it lacks quality content. High-quality content means that a website can provide exact and reliable information that its viewers are looking for.
Usually, website owners assign the task of creating content to individuals with notable writing and editing skills rather than to those with SEO expertise. In fact, SEO focuses on systematically relaying the content to web browsers and other sites. Features that improve the quality of website content include use of simple words, absence of typographical and grammatical errors, and factual data.
Nowadays, people often prefer graphics over words. However, search engines look for text, not images. You may use images to enliven a website, but avoid putting too much of them and making them like a photo album. Always remember that the quality of text comes first.

                                                      Meta Information

Title tags and meta descriptions always matter when doing SEO work. When a web browser displays results for a searched phrase, the first things that the Internet user sees are title tags. Essentially, a title tag gives a website its first impression. Be sure to abide with the limit of words when working with title tags. Keep them concise, state the most important idea, and prefer using the active voice. Think about why a viewer should click your title tag in order to come up with the best choice of words. You may use pipes (|) to keep phrases apart.
For example, you can use "Be Present at Work|4 Ways to Boost Your Immune System" as a title tag for a web page that offers advice to employees who want to stay healthy.
The meta description provides more detail about the title tag. As with title tags, meta descriptions also have a limit for word use. One technique is to summarize the page's description in one to two sentences. Additional tips include using the active voice, stating details that arouse the viewer's interest, and expressing the topic's relevance to the public or target viewers.

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Apple iphone 6 0

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                                                        Apple iphone 6

Well folks, the time for wild-eyed rumors and clandestine reports is finally over -- Apple CEO Tim Cook just officially revealed the hefty new iPhone 6 Plus and its 5.5-inch screen in Cupertino alongside a long-rumored (and handier) 4.7-inch model. This thing won't seem all that foreign if you frequent the geekier corners of the web, but it's a sure sign that Apple wants to give all those other pocket-stretching phablets out there a run for their metaphorical money. The company's live press event is still chugging along (with a sketchy stream, no less), but here's what we know so far.

There are no two ways about it: The star of the show here is the spacious 5.5-inch 1080p Retina HD display riding up front -- to hear Apple's Phil Schiller tell it, it's sRGB-accurate, has an ultrathin backlight, photo-aligned IPS liquid crystals, an improved polarizer and ion-strengthened glass. More importantly (and at long last!), the screen runs at 1080p.

You won't notice any dramatic design differences between this model and its little brother -- it's still dramatically thinner than the iPhones that came before it (the Plus comes in at 7.1mm thick), and the angular edges of the 5s have given way to a smoother, rounder look in line with the company's most recent batch of iPads. Remember all those leaks? They absolutely nailed it, and the end result looks, well, really comfortable to latch onto.

But what of the tech powering the show? Let's look at Apple's snappy new 64-bit A8 chipset. Schiller says it's 50 percent more energy efficient (not to mention a hair smaller) than the A7 that graced earlier models, and about 25 percent more powerful to boot. A new M8 coprocessor should also help keep better track of your activity levels, since it can hazard guesses at distance traveled and measure elevation changes for you avid stair-climbers. And speaking of power, you'll be able to squeeze 16 days of standby time out of the 6 Plus, 14 hours of continual video playback and or a full 24 hours of 3G talk time out of the non-removable battery.

Mobile photographers (which is really everyone these days, right?) may be a little bummed to see that the 6 Plus has an 8-megapixel iSight camera and an f/2.2 aperture lens paired with the same True Tone flash as in the 5s. That's not to say that Apple's been slacking -- it's got phase-detecting autofocus (we've seen similar tech in SLRs), improved face detection and a new Best Shot mode. Extra bonus for Plus owners: you get optical image stabilization, so you can lord your crisper shots over everyone else when it launches. You'll be able to shoot 1080p video at either 30 or 60 frames per second, and slow-motion video has gotten even slower: think a whopping 240 frames-per-second mode. The front-facing camera has been updated with a sensor that's even greedier for photons, perfect for all those well-lit "LOOK I HAVE A NEW IPHONE" selfies you'll probably snap.

Apple's iOS 8 got the grand unveiling treatment back at WWDC, but (to no one's surprise) it packs a few extra features to help it feel more at home on bigger screens. Perhaps the biggest is the inclusion of a two-paned landscape mode, which makes the whole thing feel a little more like a tiny iPad than an upscaled iPhone. If you use the Touch ID button (yeah, you're not escaping those sensors), you'll also invoke a one-handed mode that moves everything down to the lower half of the display for easy access -- great if you've got some short thumbs.

There's a decent chance that if you're reading this, you're already clamoring for a 6 Plus of your very own. Curiously, Apple has done away with the 32GB model entirely and added a 128GB model to the mix too in case you've got a few decades of movies that need to go with you everywhere. The 6 Plus will cost $299, $399 and $499 for the 16GB, 64GB and 128GB models, respectively, with your usual two-year contract. You'd better start saving up, too: Preorders start on September 12 and it'll start shipping in "several countries" on the 19th. Take that, oft-repeated rumors of a protracted launch!

Google Giving SEO Lift To Websites 0

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                                           Google Giving SEO Lift To Websites

It's not often you get SEO tips directly from Google. But just last week it was reported by Google that secure websites may start to enjoy a search boost. The search giant has started including secure SSL as a ranking factor. Google wants all websites to start becoming more secure and hopes that this latest update to its search algorithm will help to encourage this.

                                       What's SSL and why is it important?

If you're unfamiliar with SSL, it's essentially those websites that appear as "HTTPS" as opposed to "HTTP", with the "S" standing for secure. SSL or (Secure Sockets Layers) is a security protocol that encrypts communication between a web server and a user's web browser. This makes it much harder for anyone "snooping in" to read and decipher the data being transferred.

                                     What websites need an SSL certificate?

Any website that requires a password, or communicates financial, or other private information, should by default be using SSL to protect customer's information. It is this latest announcement that Google hopes will encourage more to follow suit.

                                    Will the update affect your search rankings?

At the moment very few websites will be impacted as Google is putting very little weight on this factor when ranking websites. The Google team has said that it should affect less than 1% of global search queries, compared to much more important factors such as unique, high-quality content. Google also expressed that they want to give webmasters time to switch over to HTTPS, and plan to strengthen the impact of this ranking factor to encourage more sites to switch over to https. According to the Google Webmaster blog over time Google "may decide to strengthen it, because we'd like to encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web."

                                   Should you move towards SSL?

The only people that are going to be losing out, especially when Google increases the importance of this factor are those that aren't taking measures to secure their websites. For everyone else who uses SSL it will be a case of competing in terms of other important factors, such as social branding, unique content & backlinks.

                             How can you make your website more secure with SSL?

Although the SEO benefit may be small, for now, it's something that is certainly worth investing in. Not just for Google's sake, but for your customers too. By converting now you will be ready when Google decides they want to increase the weight it gives to SSL. Your website won't take a knock in search rankings when it happens. You can read Google's advice on notifying them of a URL change (from HTTP to HTTPS). In the past many businesses have been resistant of the move towards SSL due to the costs and speed issues. However the technology has become far more sophisticated and efficient, making it much more affordable and easier to manage.

                              Google aside, do you need an SSL Certificate? Probably

Some website owners are probably thinking why do I need an SSL Certificate if I don't collect personal information and don't perform financial transactions on my site? For one, if you have a form on your site to collect email addresses or other data on your prospects, some folks may be reluctant to leave information on an insecure page. That could be costing you revenue in the long run. If your site allows for customers to log in to their personal account or to see hidden pages by logging in, the prospect/customer can be taking a risk. Even a novice hacker can break down that type of exchange. Since many people use the same password for many applications, it is easy to see how a problem can develop.

You can often purchase an SSL from your web host, or through a dedicated SSL provider. Search "ssl providers comparison" and you'll have plenty of good information to help you decide what provider to choose.

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Can You Really Make Good Money As a Music Producer ? 0

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                           Can You Really Make Good Money As a Music Producer 

Let's be honest today in 2014 there are thousands of music producers online all working towards the same common goal. To make money and possibly even a living off being creative and selling their beats. You may be a very DOPE producer but here's the reality of it. It's too many wannabe producers in the market downloading free beat software and making beats in their spare time. It's a lot of producers that just do it for the hell of it and aren't really taking it seriously. You need set yourself apart. How do you do that? By taking yourself and your business more serious. So the question is can you make good money today as a music producer in 2014 and I'm telling you that you definitely CAN. It's actually one of the easiest things you can do. All it requires is diligence, consistency, and I would say hard work but making beats is not hard work lol. I've started taking my production business seriously within this past year and I been generating a nice source of income from it. Here are a couple things that put me on the right track to making some good money as a producer.

                                                   SOUNDCLICK VS PERSONAL SITE 

This is a common debate amongst the producer community. If you looked this up on Google or YouTube you're going to get all kinds of opinions. Really it all depends on you and what works for you. Some producers prefer soundclick because how easy it is, some prefer using a personal site because they don't want to be on soundclick where there's like a million other producers. Things to definitely take into consideration are the cost, how easy it is for the customers, and how you can utilize that platform to bring you qualified traffic. Soundclick has a very simple easy platform. You pretty much just sign up, upgrade to a VIP account for 10$ and start uploading beats and people can buy and download. A personal site can also serve the same purpose. You can easily build a website for cheap and sign up for what is called myflashstore and upload your beats on there. Whatever you choose just remember that both methods have their own pros and cons. Soundclick kind of has built in traffic because a lot of rappers go on that site to buy beats anyway BUT what will make them choose to shop with you over a million other producers on that platform. A personal website can be very lucrative BUT how will you drive that traffic to your site. Whatever you choose just get a strategy down packed and once you see income being generated from it learn to monetize it and make it better so you can make even more money. One hot tip that you can do that I do myself is create both. Have a soundclick and a personal website it couldn't hurt.

                                                    QUALITY VS QUANTITY 
Instead making an abundance of mediocre beats, take your time and make a lot of QUALITY HOT BEATS. Some producers think the more beats on your site the better which is partially the case but think about it if you're leasing your beats (they can be leased multiple times to different artist) why not have the best of the best? Not only does it increase your chances of getting a sale but it also is good marketing. People will tell people "hey this guy has some dope beats you should go check them out." Its word of mouth which is the strongest form of marketing EVER. So if you have 10 dope beats compared to 100 mediocre beats you're going to have a better chance of making more money because people will enjoy your music. Not only that but they'll continue to come back because they're going to be anticipating man I wonder what other kind of hot beats he/she is going to put up. So take your time make a hot beat, make sure it's mixed well, put your tag in there and put it out. Remember quality of quantity.

                                                            GETTING OUT THERE 
So how do you stand out and actually get people to come shop at your beat store? Think about it like this, what if you were able to get inside the mind of recording artist. Do you think you'd be able to sell beats? I hope the answer is yes. I have a couple strategies that I use to do just that. One is visiting forums; See what they're talking about. See what problems they're facing and think about how you can accommodate those needs. Go to yahoo answers type a question that an artist would ask. Hell you can even stalk there social networks. The main idea here is getting inside the minds of your consumers to see what it is they're looking for and WHERE they're looking. YouTube is MUST when getting out there and marketing yourself and attracting recording artist to buy your beats. One thing I found to work is what you call the law of reciprocation. The law states that when you give something to a person they feel obligated to give you something back in exchange of greater or equal value. So how did I apply that to my business? Simple, I uploaded free beat downloads every now and then on YouTube. All you're doing here is uploading a beat (it doesn't have to be the best beat you made) and putting a link in the description for people to download it. It's very important that when you do upload ANYTHING on YouTube ALWAYS leave a link in the description to your site and your social networks as well. You do this and I GUARANTEE you that you will get more traffic to your site(s) social networks etc... Another little side note don't be afraid to charge what you feel your beats are worth. I've seen a guy selling beats on twitter 6 beats for 10$. Like come on really dude. Remember you're the producer and rappers NEED you or else it wouldn't be any rappers so don't be afraid to charge your worth especially if you work hard on your craft.

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Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini 0

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                        Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini keeps the sensors 

Samsung has revealed the smaller-sized update to its latest flagship smartphone: the Galaxy S5 mini. While it's often expected that the company will scrimp on sensors to save on price, the S5 mini includes many of the same features as it's sibling, 

including waterproof certification, power-saving modes, a heart rate monitor, fingerprint scanner and support for Samsung's wearables. As expected, there's also a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, Android 4.4, 16GB internal memory (expandable up to 64) and 1.5GB of RAM, which match what we've seen in years past. The display is a 4.5-inch Super AMOLED panel, which is powered by a 2,100mAh battery, with the cameras enjoying in 8- and 2.1-megapixel resolutions. The company expects the S5 mini to go on sale in Russia from "early July," but there's no word on when it'll spread to other countries. Samsung plans to expand sales globally, though, offering the device in Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Electric Blue and Copper Gold.

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